“Mama, you are not doing it wrong.

It’s just that hard.”

-diana Spalding,
Editor at Motherly
Hi, my name is Anna. I am the creator of Momma Bird Blog (which began in Fall of 2017). My goal is to help you to lessen the comparrison between yourself and other Moms. Believe me, none of us have it easy. And I’m here to let you know that your imperfections are totally okay. Give yourself a little grace, learn to love yourself, and actually enjoy these fleeting moments.


If you’re feeling stressed out, reach out to your doctor, a friend, your spouse. The first step to feeling less overwhelmed is by building your support system.

3 Simple Ways to Unwind:

  • put your favorite tunes on
  • get some fresh air and sunshine
  • (don’t forget about your old hobbies too)

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