“Mama, you are not doing it wrong.

It’s just that hard.”

-diana Spalding,
Editor at Motherly
Hi, my name is Anna. I am the creator of Momma Bird Blog (which began in Fall of 2017). My goal is to help you have a find similarities with other Moms. Believe me, none of us have it easy. And I’m here to let you know that your imperfections are totally okay. Give yourself a little grace, learn to love yourself, and actually enjoy these fleeting moments.


If you’re feeling stressed out, reach out to your doctor, a friend, your spouse. The first step to feeling less overwhelmed is by building your support system.

3 Simple Ways to Unwind:

  • put your favorite tunes on
  • get some fresh air and sunshine
  • (don’t forget about your old hobbies too)

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