8 Ways to Lose Baby Weight Realistically!

Do you still have some baby weight? Many moms struggle to lose their pregnancy weight. Doctors are telling us to gain 25-30 lbs (or more) while carrying. And it is not hard to do. Especially when you can stock your freezer full of ice cream and make daily stops to the carry out.

Then you birth a little miracle and you are left with this pouch, leaving strangers wondering if you are preggo again. Uh! Now you have to lose it!

And by the way, if you are still at kid one, the worst is when you are expecting shortly after getting your body back. NO….

So after having 3 little boys, and the weight loss getting harder, I came up with a good weight loss plan that lots of mommies can use. I lost 14 stubborn lbs doing this!

(You don’t have to be postpartum to try this.)

I am no doctor or weight loss expert and I realize this won’t work for everyone. Please if you have medical conditions, consult with your doctor first. Also, if you are nursing, you may want to adjust this plan accordingly.


    like eggs, chicken, turkey, nuts. Chicken or ground turkey can be made in to most meals. Hard boiled eggs or nuts make good energy snacks. Resist the urge to eat hot dogs with the kiddos.

    Photo Credit: (Pexels User) “Tookapic”

    Juice and sports drinks have lots of sugar, natural or not. Just keep drinking that clear goodness. Try to space these out. Maybe have an 8 oz. glass of water first thing in the morning, then again before each meal, and maybe a couple hours before bed. You don’t want to drink too much at once.

    No Alcohol either. Alcohol can be one of the biggest factors of gaining weight. Most alcohol is full of sugar, carbs, and calories. Seriously look up before and afters of people who became sober!

    Photo Credit: (Pexels User) “Tookapic”

    A little won’t hurt, but sugar can be very addictive. If you get a sugar craving, have an apple. Eventually I found that after so long of taking added sugar out of my diet, I no longer craved it. Things with added sugar actually started to taste too sweet.

    Photo Credit: Pexels.com

    like chips, cookies, white bread…. Replace with rice, oatmeal, or other whole grains. The idea is to replace a quick filler for something that has more long term effects on your body. Whole grains will give you that boost of energy that your body is really looking for.

    Photo Credit: (Pexels User) Keegan Evans

    Don’t worry about an exercise routine unless you want to. Your physical activity can include teaching your kids a sport or exploring. Heck, take them to the park or on a 20 minute walk! It counts!

    Photo Credit: Momma Bird Blog

    “What??” you’re saying. “But I’m a mom and I barely get to eat dinner when it’s happening!” This forces you to eat when your family does. Furthermore, those extra night time calories won’t be slowing down your metabolism when you sleep. If need be, grab a handful of almonds or a small amount of lean protein to satisfy your hunger.

    Photo Credit: Pexels.com

    What helps you stay motivated during a diet? A pretty dress you want to fit into? A cute little swimsuit? Maybe a vacation? You need something to look forward to on the hard days.

    Photo Credit: (Pexels User) Adam Kontor


  8. Love Yourself!

    No matter what, this is a process about trying to love your body. But you know what? You already should! You grew a tiny human in your body and that is a lot of work!

    (Even if you haven’t recently just had a child, know your worth and start thinking positive!)

    Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Lastly, don’t lose too much weight! If you start feeling tired or moody, then just stop. The scale measures your weight, but you can’t exactly measure feeling good. The point of losing weight should be to give you more energy, reduce stress, and make you happy.

Basically, think of food as fuel for your body.

Again, I am not a weight loss expert or doctor, but these things helped me to lose my baby weight after kid #3. Yes, I’ve gained a couple lbs back, but I feel good and that’s what matters to me most!

The Before and After shots show all the weight in my face.


Photo Credit: Momma Bird Blog



(Edited end Section of #2 on 12/06/2017)

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