Want to keep your toddler busy?


Have you heard of these magical, hands-on books for toddlers? You can make one for your kiddo (it would even be a fun handmade gift). It’s called a Busy Book!

A busy book is a soft book that involves flaps, textures, games, short challenges…. It basically is a mess-free way for your little one to focus during a time you need them to stay quiet and of course, busy (like at church, doctors office, the store, long car ride, or even on an airplane).

They are actually really easy to make. When I made this version 3 years ago, I started with a needle and thread. And if you’re anything like me, you want to see the end results, but don’t have a lot of time to devote to a project. So I decided to hot glue everything. And it stays together very well!

CSC_1405 (1)

To make you need:

  • 5-10 felt pieces of different colors
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & plenty of glue sticks
  • ribbon for binding & tying closed
  • Sharpies
  • latches/carabiners
  • your craft bin


Step 1: Cut the felt in half widthwise

Our busy book has 6 full pieces of felt, making 12 pages. Next, lay them out. Doing this will allow you to see which pages sit side by side and maybe want to coordinate them. So for example, a left page can be a game and the right page can be the game pieces. You can also use a front and back of one piece of felt, unless you’d like to glue to pieces together.


Step 2: Create each page

Which activities would you like to include?

Lay the page out, hot glue, and use the sharpies for any writing or drawing on the felt. Also, this is a great time to get your craft bin out and use up some little scraps of fabric, buttons, old keychains, or anything like that.

One of my favorite pages in this book is the kitchen and place setting page. You can make play felt food and your child can put the food in the cupboard or the fridge. If I had a little girl I would make a play house or glue a little doll to the page and make a pocket for dress up clothes.

CSC_1407 (1)

3: Bind Your Book

Line the pages up. Then on the left handed side of the book cut 2 small slits (downward) where your ribbon will thread through. Thread the ribbon to hold the pages together and tie a pretty bow.

You can also glue 2 more pieces of ribbon on the opening side of the book to keep it closed.


4: Add A Tag

Lastly, you can add a felt tag on the back where you write your last name and a contact if you ever lose your book.


Here is the Final Product!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So many fun ideas can be added. I hope this helps keep your toddler busy!

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