Have Your Kids Do This When a Siren Goes By

Do you often hear emergency sirens throughout your day? What goes through your mind? Do you wonder who the first responders are going to help?  Do your kids ask you about it?


My 5th grade teacher taught us this one!

When you and your kids hear a siren, (whether an ambulance, police car, fire truck, and sometimes life flight) stop what you are doing and say a prayer. Show your kids that people face challenges where complete strangers rally together for them.

You never know what those people or their families are currently facing. You don’t know if an ambulance is rushing to the scene of a fatal accident. You don’t know if a police officer is about to answer a domestic disturbance call.

In our household, every time we hear a siren, we say a quick prayer for the first responders and the people they are going to help (as well as their families).

I have never publicly shared this, but in 5 years time, my family has received help from EMS, police, and firefighters on separate occasions. I am eternally grateful to those kind strangers. And a couple of times, we’ve had many of friends of friends praying for us. It felt so amazing to know that people were doing all they could do. And it worked.

If you haven’t been through these types of situations, you don’t want to ever go through this. But, how good would it feel to teach your child to pray for a family in need?

This is a fine lesson in teaching compassion!

Thank you to all the men and women who serve your communities in this way!





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