The Perfect Nautical Nursery for Boys

If you love to decorate your home, it’s only fitting to want to create the perfect space for your little one. Or soon-to-be little one! Some calming colors for good rest. Cute accents for just the right “pop.” And of course a comfy glider chair (& foot stool) to rock your babe back to sleep.

All three of our boys had the same nautical nursery theme, but with each kid we amp’d it up. Finally, when our youngest turned 1, we had moved into a new home and had completed this look! (So basically this is a collection of all my favorite nautical ideas from a few years wrapped up in one).

Thank Heaven I have a father-in-law with a paint store and a good eye. Picking colors can be overwhelming when you move into a new house.

First, we prepped and primed. We painted the room (PPG) “toasted almond.” The trim is (also PPG)”horseradish.” There is a special type of paint used for the floor which we used. Just a basic white color for the floor and ceiling.

DSC_0232 (2)

I knew I wanted this wallpaper when I first saw it! Do you ever get that feeling about a certain product?

However, the pattern we bought was vertical. I’d seen something on HGTV a few years back where an interior designer layed the wallpaper horizontally. It looked so easy on TV. But, let me tell you, it was extremely frustrating! I can look back and laugh about it now. I’d advise hiring someone to try the horizontal application or just buying horizontal pattern!

Once the painting and wallpapering was complete, I added some little touches. Those chic no sew curtains. Map crib sheet. Wall hangings. (The sailboat is a scrap piece of curtain fabric that I framed). Antique piece for changing table (courtesy of my mom and dad). A temporary little rug that I later replaced for a bigger one. Fish night light. Fish hooks. Shell decoration (not pictured). And even some relaxing ocean music playing on CD!

My goal was to create something he wouldn’t outgrow quickly. Nautical just seemed right because it’s neutral, you can change the accents to accomidate a girl. Something that makes this stand out so well for me is the offwhite wall with that rich blue and bright white stripe pattern. You walk in the room and the first glance is stunning! The small details just add more “wow-factor.”



DSC_0236 (2)

The final product was perfection. Happy baby. Happy mom.

What more would you add to this nautical nursery?


One Reply to “The Perfect Nautical Nursery for Boys”

  1. A small baby plastic pool and put little pillows in it (maybe fish or shell shaped). I like that it could be climbed into to read hardbound (no tearing) books. 📚


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