Make Your Own Piggy Bank!

Do you want a fun project to do with the kids that will get used? Have you ever considered making your own piggy bank from scratch?

This may not be a 5 minute project, but our boys now have a project that I won’t have to (ah-hem!) throw in the trash eventually. (Guilty feelings activated)

This project surpasses the stack of 10-a-day drawings my boys make!

I’ve been eyeing piggy banks for a year or so now. As our 5-year-old is about the right age to earn some money for chores, I decided this is perfect in a few ways.

  1. It won’t break like ceramicΒ (leaving almost microscopic shards all over their bedroom if things get rowdy in there).
  2. It cost virtually nothing to make.
  3. It was hand-painted.
  4. It’s super adorable too!

So without further ado Here is the (Paper Mache) “Make Your Own Piggy Bank!”

To make You need:

  • Balloon (per piggy bank being made)
  • Newspaper stack
  • Paper mache mixture (1 part water to 1 part flour, well stirred)
  • Egg carton (I used the cardboard type carton)
  • Scissors
  • Bottle cap (either milk carton/jug or Gatorade)
  • “Piggy tails” or ribbon (optional)
  • Paint
  • Some sort of primer (I used leftovers from the last room we painted)
  • Brushes/sponge/paper towel for paint application
  • Pan or table-cloth for less mess
  • Paper towels for easy clean up
  • SSC_1816

Step 1: Blow up balloon(s) for body

Extras will keep the little ones busy if they are too small to help!

Step 2: Cut egg carton in sections of 4

(so you will have 3 sections, each with 4 legs). Cut the middle section out so you can set your balloon in the well of it. You can use extra sections as a paint palette! (My 3-year-old son came up with that idea! Brilliant!SSC_1817SSC_1818

Step 3: Paper mache body, legs, and nose together.

Don’t forget to shape some ears up there! & let dry! Can be done in several layers. & will dry faster overall with thinner paste and by allowing each layer to dry well before adding another.

Although I was very, very cautious to fast-dry our little piggy (in the oven on the “warm” setting of 100 degrees for 1 hour), I really don’t want anyone to burn their kitchen down. So please, a simple air dry while you play outside will suffice!Β SSC_1815SSC_1821SSC_1819

Step 4: Prime and dry well

Fast dry is no option for this, as paint and primer can be extremely flammable! Although, wall primer will dry in no time, naturally!SSC_1820

Step 5: Paint and decorate!

As you can see from the pictures, the boys had fun painting. Once this is all dry, just cut a slit for money. We will just make a small cut in it to get the money out later and then we can reuse it.


The Finished Product!!!

Our little oinker is ready for some moola!


I hope you can use this idea to create something fun with your kids! Even if you decide not to use it as a piggy bank, after priming you could very well just coat it with some chalkboard paint and have a super cute kitchen decoration or a nice gift!

“Mr.Piggy” (as he was named by our 5 year-old) is mission complete!


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