Dear Kids, Love Mom

I’ll let you in on a little secret. An idea came to me almost 6 years ago to date. I’m not sure if this idea came to me subconsciously from anywhere. And I hadn’t really discussed what I was doing with anyone but my husband. But I can imagine that I’m not the first mother to do this.

Before my husband and I married, I had bought this little leather journal that I wanted my grandma to write in. She was my last living grandma and I wanted to know about her and grandpa’s love story.

For some reason I never got it to her in time before she passed.

So once I became pregnant with our firstborn, I dusted off that little leather journal. The opening page reads “To baby, A Journey to Our Family, Love Mom.”


Our children deserve to get to know how their mom and dad met and fell in love. So, I wrote to them about how the very instance I met him was like “the world stood still.” I wrote about how he would leave me roses on my car. I wrote about how beautiful our wedding was and how once we united at the alter, I was calm.

I led my children on this journey as I updated them on ultrasounds, gender reveals, labor and birthing stories. This memory movie plays in my mind of the moment I received each of my babies. That rush of emotion. That utter loss for words. This beautiful, petite, wrinkly babe, trying to direct themselves to my face when I whispered “Hi baby!”


It didn’t end there. I mostly skipped the baby book and opted to tell the tales. I didn’t record weight and height nearly as much as I recorded those moments that were perfectly captured in storytelling.

I can tell them about what I watched them accomplish, the days they became big brothers, funny stories (like the time our oldest dumped powder all over our middle son when he was a baby), and big milestones. If I haven’t gotten around to it in a while, I write on every single birthday.


Each entry is a letter I write presently, as my kids are 2, 3, and 5. I plan to give this gift to each kid as they turn 18 so they will comprehend it. I certainly hope that I am around for that, but should I pass before they grow up, they will always have my handwritten memories.


I am hoping that this idea resonates with you. A mother’s love is so special. Kids deserve to get to know what made them, them. And they deserve to get to know how very loved they have always been.

Is this something you would do for your  kids? Let me know if you try this out! I’d love to hear about it! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Dear Kids, Love Mom

  1. I wrote poems to them when I was pregnant with each. They were each different experiences.
    I wrote notes in their baby book once born. I have three grown children. I make photo albums of my seven grandchildren and their lives. I have saved school programs and movie tickets. I am less likely to tell stories now that I blog! 😊💞


  2. What a lovely idea. I have made scrap books using photos for ours. And I kept samples of their school work and put them in a folder. And of course, there are family stories in my blog. But for Christmas a few years ago, I spend most of the year writing poetry stories of memorable events and different family members. Every person in our extended family received a copy at Christmas the poems that were most relevant to them. It was much appreciated. i gave my sons and husband the full version.


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