When you’re a parent…

Some have parenting all figured out before they have kids. Some don’t have a clue what they are doing to begin with. One thing is for sure, through the parenting journey, things don’t quite go like we plan. Things change and you begin to learn and grow with your babies.

Here are some of my personal discoveries.

(Photos courtesy of Pexels.com)



And for days like today… LOL


When you’re a parent, you experience many dynamics to life. If you are lucky, you are able to learn the perspective of innocent eyes.


3 Replies to “When you’re a parent…”

  1. I realized, when I had my first, that the stack of baby books next to the chair was a great place to put my tea cup! When I had my second I realized that the first one was there just to lull me into false confidence.


  2. Love this. My three are mostly grown, but I still don’t have a clue. The thing I have to accept now is; I’m still going to be their dad for as long as I live. Love and discipline is just more complicated now.


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