Top 10 Reasons to be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you Thinking of staying home?
After 5 and 1/2 years of being a Stay-At-Home Mom, I’ve seen firsthand how enjoyable it can be to hang out with your kiddos all day in your pajamas. Sometimes we throw on a fresh outfit and do grocery shopping or play at the park. Most days, we clean together, do a little artwork, work on an educational activity, run around in the backyard, or build blocks or train tracks inside.

Sometimes, I struggle to be heard, I get mad that toys are scattered like confetti all over the house, and I have an overwhelming amount of housework to do. But, overall, we have made many memories together and I have been able to prepare my kiddos for preschool because of this decision.

Being a Stay-at-Home Mom isn’t as rare as I thought it was originally. Although it might be an old fashioned style of doing things, it makes a lot of sense for many families. And here’s why-

Here are my Top 10 Reasons for being a Stay-at-Home Mom!

10) Medical/Health Purposes
Think of this as a chance to become your child’s health aid, or just to nurse longer.  Is maternity leave really even long enough?

9) Allows you to be more flexible with your spouse’s schedule
Some spouses are away on business trips, training, conferences, deployments, and many more. They might work 12-14 hour days and some are always on call. Being a stay-at-home parent, allows you to be flexible with a chaotic schedule and anchors your family when one of you can’t be there often enough.

Then on top of that, this gives you and your spouse that much needed time together since he or she is so busy.

8) Allows you to be more flexible with everyone else

When you’re a Stay-at-Home Mom, you can schedule doctors appointments (or other appointments) whenever is convenient for you. You can plan play dates with the only worry as to when a nap is. And you can visit family and friends when they are available. This has helped us many, many ways.

7) Allows you to experience more of your child’s development and growth
I’ve heard from several mothers over the course of the years that they just feel as if they are missing out on their children growing up. One mother once said to me “I went to pick up my daughter after work and the babysitter told me that she had taken her first steps.”

6) Promotes early learning
This kind of goes with development, but more on the side of being your child’s teacher. Prepping your kids for school can include arts and crafts, reading, preschool activity books, nature walks, intellectual conversations, sports, and physical activity… You could teach your child yoga and they would advance in some way!

5) Decrease in over-scheduling
Some days I love this. And some days I HATE this. You can stay in your pajamas all day. You don’t have to worry about buckling and unbuckling kids all day. And that whole trying to get your family ready to be on time is for the most part, out the window. You get to be the boss of your own schedule!

4) You can be more engaged
Who wouldn’t love to just have their little one on their lap for 10 minutes longer in a day? Maybe nap with them on the couch? Or to watch their expression as they experience something new every day?

3) Allows you to utilize spare time
When my kiddos go down for nap or bed I am able to tackle some dishes, laundry, or cleaning up. Sometimes, I skip those and take a mental break. It gives me a chance to take a shower, collect my thoughts, and sometimes just to pray.

2) Teaches you to be frugal
I swear people think you have to be rich to be a Stay-at-Home Mom! Nope. Budget, Budget, Budget! It may take some practice, but you will eventually start asking yourself if the family needs new clothes when you can’t even keep up with laundry! Do you really need to eat out with the family a couple times a week?

Frugal is just appreciating that your needs are met and not seeking what you don’t have. Which is probably a lot of stuff.

1) Childcare is FREE!
It’s one of the biggest reasons I think so many families do this. You don’t get paid. But you also don’t have to watch your paycheck get divided up into time someone else spent with your kids.

Now Here are 5 reasons why it may not be for you.

5) If you have a risk of Depression
According to the American Psychological Association, Moms who Stay-at-Home have an increased risk for depression.

Here is the link (

4) If you can’t leave your career
If it took you years of school or you need to keep current to maintain a license. Or any other career purposes…

3) If your children are in school
This is the decision I made early on because I feel I won’t be needed at home when my kids are in school. My mission as a Stay-at-Home Mom is to help my children to be ready for preschool. So once our youngest is off to school, it will be “mission complete!”

2) If you can’t afford it financially
I get that! Some people struggle to keep their heads above water. No shame in needing to fulfill your family in that way. I actually really admire working moms for the fact that they have to come home from work and then catch up with cooking, cleaning, and everyone in their lives.

1) If you can’t see yourself being happy while doing it.
If you envision losing yourself completely as an adult, you still have your little angels to come home to after work!

This is solely based on my experience, mixed with some of what I have heard from other Moms. I am not an expert or professional on this subject. But I sincerely think that
it is okay to take time away from your job to focus on your family (if applicable).

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do so (expect out of respect for your spouse). And
if you are thinking of being a Stay-at-Home Mom, I hope you can make an informed decision now!

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