What I Learned On My Mother/Son Date

Hey everyone! Today my 3-year-old son took me on a date!


The last time my husband and I left on a date, we were so excited to go out. We slowly pulled the door shut with 3 little sets of eyes looking sadly back at us like we abandoned them. Mom guilt for sure!

Then I had a light bulb moment. “I’ll take you each on a date another day, but now is daddy’s turn!” I wanted our kids to respect that moms and dads need alone time. But I also knew that they felt left out.

In order to make them feel special, I kept my promise and found time for our middle son today. Even though he knew we were leaving soon, he kept asking “Mom, when are we going on our date?” He was excited!

I thought I was going to teach him to hold doors today or something.

But instead, here’s what I learned on our mother/son date:

  1. He was excited to have my full attention and no one else, despite the fact that he plays so well on his own.
  2. He really has so much to learn still. He’s so innocent and easy to mold.
  3. I learned to keep my cool when Plan A didn’t work, because with a real date, you always have a couple backups. It’s good to show kids how to stay calm when things don’t go according to plan.
  4. He just wanted a sucker, but I suggested breakfast. It could’ve been simple, but we adults have a way of complicating things to make them perfect.
  5. Kids are so happy as long as they feel loved. Most of the time he just looked up at me with this little smile and giggled in delight.
  6. I learned that he aced the eye-roll but he still doesn’t know when to properly use it, which is actually really funny.
  7. I need to have more conversations with him because he’s a good story-teller.
  8. He really picks a lot up from his big brother! His brothers are his best friends.
  9. I realized that this is something I need to continue to implement in our family (as he was begging me on the way home to go again).
  10. When we got home, I realized that a little time away from Dad and little brother seemed to help everyone get along better all day!


As parents, we often feel like we have to be providing the teaching lessons, but being with your kids offers life lessons for us adults. And more times than not, being in the moment is most important. We just need to enjoy this stage of life.


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