How to Encourage Young Artists

Are your kids artists? Are you creative also?

Kids can be some of the most artistic people. I think a lot of this has to do with perception. Art is a physical and digital form of perceived angles, new ideas, old ideas, and is also a way to express feelings.

It does take practice. And it takes A LOT of viewing pieces from other artists.

Ways you can encourage young artists:

  1. Show your kids some styles of art, like Picasso’s upside down drawing of Igor Stravinsky or Eric Carle’s collage type of art used to illustrate his children’s books. What are both of your favorite artists? What art museums or galleries would you like to visit?
  2. Provide lots of art supplies like a sketchbook, drawing pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint for younger kids.
  3. Let them choose from a theme: favorite activity, home, family, friends, a pet, farm animals, a scene from a favorite book or movie, the future, a place they’ve never been to, their current feelings or mood…
  4. If they are elementary school aged, you might be able to ask “Can I make a suggestion?” Maybe their house needs a sidewalk, or maybe you can show them how to draw perspective angles…. Positive critiques are also good if your kids let you share feedback. “This is very good. Although, this tree could be smaller for the background, see?”
  5. Lastly, you want to take note of how good they are doing. Keeping pictures from early years is a good tool to showing them how they’ve improved. You don’t even need to point that out, they will probably see it. And it is always a good idea to display their pictures!

Here is our version of a kids Fine Art Gallery at home. An idea from Craftionary! Here is the link


Before this, we had an empty wall first thing when you walk in the house and it looked so boring. At the same time, we don’t like to hang too many things on the fridge, but needed a place to display art work.

For a unique look, we used some old frames mixed with some newer, canvases, and a small chalk board. These are all finger-paintings, but that’s not all we do.

Our oldest loves to draw football and baseball games. He recently drew a very detailed picture of our house. Our middle is learning to draw people and spiders. And whales. And now cats. Our youngest still scribbles, but soon we will be working on shapes and people. We try lines and circles to help him perfect control of utensils.

Here is how art has worked in my life.

Ever since I was young I loved art. I spent a good couple of hours drawing my dad’s Jeep from the window one day. Soon after, my dad let me draw a portrait of him. It’s no blue ribbon art work, but it still looks like him. Then in my fashion designer stage, I had a whole notebook designated to drawing clothes and outfits that I would make.

Later on, I really started to love photography. So later on, I went to college to study it. I have worked with photographers, I have worked in a studio, and I have done some freelance work too!

Even if your kids seem more talented in another area, art is good for the soul.


Here is Huffington Post’s “Top Ten Reasons Why Art is Essential to the Human Spirit”


2 thoughts on “How to Encourage Young Artists

  1. I love your art gallery idea! I, too, let my kids display their art work on the walls, but I never really thought about getting them in a fancy frame! Thanks!


    1. Yes, if you don’t have any old frames like these, you can go to a second hand store, or maybe even a friend. If it’s too gaudy looking, you can spray paint them a bright, fun color! (see the link at the bottom of the article)

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