Top 8 Parenting Quotes

The best way to do anything in life is to surround yourself with positive thoughts. Thoughts of love and happiness. Thoughts of strength and courage.

Many parenting quotes are treasured, but only 8 made it to the top of my list.

Here are the top 8 parenting quotes:


Parenthood is merely balancing act. As we build these lifelong relationships with our children, we are also letting them learn independence. We hope to stay bonded to our kids, and sometimes, they have to fly from the nest.


Children do reflect the care they are given. They often seem the best behaved with one-on-one time between their parents. Grandparents even. Giving attention isn’t bad, it just shows that you care.


Who doesn’t love to see their sleeping kids anyways? I mean, after a full day of them exerting their energy, it’s quite the peaceful sight! It always makes me smile to see my boys all tuckered out and sound asleep.


If you have mom (or dad) guilt, this is for you. You have to take your children part-way in life. Then it’s up to them to do the rest. Anne Frank was a wise girl!


About every weekend we ask our kids what they want to do over the next 2 days. Their response every time, “play with you guys!” They want our time. And on the days when we can play more, they seem to have great behavior.


Nicholas Sparks is a brilliant person. Parenting is hard. But yes, I often think that on a deeper level, this is why God allowed us to have children. So He could help us understand a fraction of how much He loves us.


All the corners, nooks, and crannies.


Courage to do the right thing, no matter if it’s not easy. Courage to push yourself each day, past your limits for your little loves.

If there’s one thing good parents have in common, it’s our inability to give up on our families. Good parents doubt themselves and criticize themselves. Often times more than necessary. We fill our days with worry and stress. Trying to do our best.

There is no one right way to parent. There are lots.

But good parents love their children more than life itself, no matter what.

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