Farmer Costume

Want a creative Halloween costume for a girl or boy? Don’t want to spend a lot on a costume? Especially if it will only get 2 hours of life expectancy?

I have a simple idea for you. You may even have some of these items at home! If not, you can buy and reuse these pieces long after the Fall season.

To complete this look you will need a flannel, jean overalls, leather (or faux leather), and a cowboy hat (preferably straw hat or even a baseball cap).

Extra accents for that farmer look include a bit of cattail hanging out of the pockets. You may use a handkerchief to tuck in the back pocket. Even a tan or brown Carhartt-type of coat on the colder trick-or-treat nights.


We found the flannel, bibs, and boots at Walmart. Total cost was about $35. We already had the straw hat.

One must when getting them into costumes is to make sure you get a quick individual shot or group shot. Do this in plenty of daylight, using some colored trees as backgrounds. (And seriously, I mean quick!)

For a Halloween mini photo shoot, I recommend using a John Deere pedal tractor as a prop. Even some straw bails give that right look. But I definitely wouldn’t expect kiddos to carry around extras or to pedal a tractor all night for trick-or-treat.




Can you spot the cattail in his front pocket?

This is probably our last year deciding his costume. I imagine at age 3 he will tell us he wants to be a super hero or something. It’s kind of enjoyable to choose because it’s so easy! No sewing. No costume make-up. No real prep.

Although, the decision came easy to me for this year. Our little boy loves to sit on tractors and pretend to drive them. Since we live on a farm, this seemed even more fitting.

He’s a natural, right?


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