Thanksgiving Leaf Wreath

Can you believe it’s November 1st!? Where has 2017 gone?

To all my readers, here is something way more uplifting than the last post! This is an activity for the whole family. Everyone ages 3 and up are able to participate. The best part, this is super easy and it lasts all month long!

Pinterest is loaded with leaf activities this time of year. There are other versions out there similar to this. But, I put a little twist on this.

… How about a Thanksgiving leaf wreath, where you write what you are thankful for. It lasts November 1st-30th. Each member of the family writes one thing every day. And it just slips into the grapevine wreath or it can be displayed other ways.

So, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Draw or trace various shapes of leaves onto a piece of construction paper.


Step 2: Cut out the shapes in a stack of 3 or 4 sheets at once if possible. If your kids want to help, they can trace one of your easier leaf shapes and also cut them out.


Step 3: Place in a little bag for easy daily access.


Step 4: Display 1 of 3 ways:  1) slip leaves into wreath 2) clip leaves on to string (in banner fashion), or 3) tape leaves on to poster board (draw or paint a tree to attatch them to).


Step 5: And don’t forget to write words of thanks each day. Challenge yourself and your family to always add a new reason to be thankful. If your kiddos are feeling really crafty, they can decorate with glitter and stickers. 


Here are some questions to get you thinking about what your blessings are:

  1. Are there any struggles you’ve overcome? What did you gain?
  2. Have you gained any friendships or new family members?
  3. Do you have a community that supports you?
  4. Are all of your needs met in order to survive?
  5. What extra things do you have that others might not?
  6. Is your family healthy?
  7. Do you have any direct safety concerns?
  8. What makes you happy?
  9. Are you talented at anything?
  10. What are some blissful memories you have of your life?


The end goal of this is to help our families to be more positive, to see how blessed we are, and to encourage spiritual growth. Perhaps, when our wreath starts filling out, the colorful leaves will remind us to thank God. And all in time for the holidays.

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