Keeping Christ in Christmas

We made it to December! What a great month to celebrate Christmas! Right after the month of being thankful, we celebrate a month of giving.

This warm season can be chaotic. Bake the cookies. Send the greeting cards. Select the tree.  Decorate the house. Buy the gifts. Wrap the gifts. Visit Santa. Cook the nice dinner. Get everyone a nice outfit. Family Photos. Prepare for guests. And the list goes on.

So how can we keep Christ in Christmas?

As a Christian, growing up, I’ve stopped to think about all of the traditions that many families still hold today. Why on Earth do we chop down a tree to put inside? Why is Santa the mascot of the holiday? Why do we even give gifts if it’s Jesus’ birthday? Some of these seem silly, but many of our traditions are simple symbols of God’s presence and love.

I love these traditions that we still hold today! I love that our kids get so excited for what’s to come. They talk about how Santa expects good behavior. Even my 5-year-old thinks I’m going to get coal because I was teasing his little brother!

The #1 thing I want to uphold for my family though is continuing to make religion a priority. I want my family to celebrate Jesus’ birth, knowing why they are celebrating. I want my family to become closer with God. Understanding this journey that took place over 2,000 years ago.

Did you know Jesus was the most influential person in the world? And that the Bible is the first book to be printed? Did you know that everything in the Bible was prophecy? And did you know that all scientific evidence points back to the Bible and God?

For Starters

Our 5-year-old was writing his Christmas list to Santa yesterday. As I helped him spell it all out, we stopped at “Christ.” “Now underline it. What does that spell?” Once he knew, I helped him add on “mas.” I said “don’t forget who we are celebrating!”

Then we had to pick out a tree.

We just drove over to the tree farm recently. My husband wanted to explain the symbolism of the tree to the kids. What we were taught back in grade school is it’s triangular shape represents the trinity. It also represents new life. The star or angle on top represent the star that guided the shepherds and wise men.

This year the boys were able to assist us, with some very close supervision of course. I will always remember special moments around the holidays. By keeping tradition alive, we are keeping family even closer.



Here are 20 ways the whole family can all keep Christ in Christmas:

  • Pray for someone in need of God or an intention
  • Open our hearts to God more/Let Him know your every feeling
  • Teach your child different ways they can pray/things they can pray for
  • Take your family to church as often as possible all year long
  • Read the nativity story from the Bible more than once
  • Put on Christmas songs about Jesus and Mary
  • Make an Advent Calendar or wreath
  • Be more positive. You are blessed.
  • Make a donation(s)
  • Be respectful and listen
  • Do good deeds for each other, small or large
  • Put the phones away until a better time, for quality time
  • 3-5 gift rule per kid (i.e. book, toy, outfit, art/science kit, and game)
  • Let your child buy/make gifts for family/friends
  • Let your child make cards for family/friends
  • Let your kids act out the nativity scene
  • Craft your own nativity scene
  • Explain who St.Nick is
  • Explain why the Christmas Tree is symbolic
  • Explain the gifts of the wise men and the significance of each


Try to enjoy the whole month of December, even as chaotic as it will be! And don’t forget the real reason for the season!




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