Kids Christmas Themed Games

Now that the kids are on Christmas break, have you found that you needed to keep the kids busy? Maybe you want to try something festive to make the holiday season a little more special.

Here are a couple of Christmas games that will keep siblings busy at home or cousins busy at family get-togethers.

You probably already have the main materials to play all 5 games; mini marshmallows, candy canes, and jingle bells.

#1 Spell your name with mini marshmallows


Okay, so this one is a little more educational, and not really competitive. But it can be rearranged several different ways and is sure to keep the kids busy!

Use a dark sheet of construction paper to lay the marshmallows on. For younger kids, mark small dots where they should place each one. For even smaller kids, try letting them make the first letter of their name.

What else can they create with the marshmallows? Glue them down for a piece of art work!

#2 Guess the mini marshmallows


Have the kids guess the number in a container and then count them. For smaller kids, count to a smaller number to hold their attention longer.

#3 Can’t touch the marshmallows (Race)


Here’s a fun little game for 2 or more kids. Based on our trial, I recommend kids ages 3+ because our 2-year-old didn’t quite understand the directions. Section off a piece of paper with initials of everyone playing. Using only straws, transfer marshmallows onto your section of paper. Inhale through the straw to create a suction to the marshmallows, and exhale to release them on the paper.

Or turn this into a STEM challenge by allowing kids to figure out various ways to transfer the mallows. This would be really fun for a group of older kids too!

#4 Candy Cane Scavenger hunt


Here’s a pretty simple game for all ages. My sister organized this game at her son’s December birthday party for all the cousins. It was a blast! It was funny when my niece collected the better portion of the candy canes.

If you want more adult time, give these to the older kids to hide for the younger kids.

#5 Jingle bell hide and seek

jingle-bells-1873666_640(Photo courtesy of Pixabay user: BarbaraALane)

Try extra hard to be quiet during a game of hide and seek with a jingle bell (safely attached to a shirt, bracelet, or shoelace). With the nights getting longer (starting at about 6:00 here), most of the evening is perfect for a game of hide and seek. A festive game of hide and seek at that!



There you have it! 5 games that will add a little sparkle of Christmas to your holiday season!


This is my last post for the next few days, as I will be spending the holidays screen-free! Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas! Safe travels! &

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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