10 Parenting Quotes

Who’s ready for the New Year? What is your resolution? Quit a bad habit, eat healthier, or maybe be more positive? Maybe you simply want more for your family.

We desire to be perfect parents. And at first, we expect it to be a fun little hike in the woods. But as time goes on, parenting turns into this CRAZY obstacle course. Life happens, things are out of our control, and we adjust.

So how do we turn these parts of life into something better for our loved ones? I’ve been chipping away at a great parenting resource. “Raising a Loving Family” (by Virginia Scott, George Doub, and Peggy Runnels). This book explains how influential parents can be when modeling their values.

For our New Year’s resolution, I’ve collected 10 quotes for inspiration! Let’s be good role models for our families by being more;

  • Positive
  • Supportive
  • Firm
  • Attentive
  • Patient
  • Spiritual
  • Forgiving
  • Loving
  • Respectful
  • Courageous

Be Positive:

Help your children see the good in themselves and others around. Try not to focus on bad people, but rather, bad behavior. Do you think your child will change bad behavior if you let them know they are good but need to make better choices?

Be Supportive:

Sometimes we need to let our kids feel free to be themselves. No judgments. No lectures.  Just accept them for who they are.

Be Firm:

It’s easy for kids to be upset when their parent says “no.” But overall, being firm teaches kids that needs are more important than wants. And sometimes it teaches them to think of others first.

Be Attentive:

This little fact stuck with me from a family retreat that we went on this year. The famous philosopher John Dewey spent at least an hour of face-to-face time with his kids each day. No matter how busy, he would leave his study to give them quality time. He believed in higher education and he knew it started with the home life.

Be Patient:

It’s natural for kids and adults to feel emotions and make mistakes. No one’s perfect. Use these opportunities to help your kids learn. When your kids are emotional, ask them to use words to explain what’s wrong. It puts the logic into the situation.

Be Spiritual:

See your blessings and thank God every day for them. Parent with religion first. If they ask a tough question, it’s acceptable to tell them that’s how God made it. Show your kids how to have a prayer life so they have someone to turn to when they’re lost.

Be Forgiving:

As parents, we have a big responsibility to act like things don’t bother us. It is our job to be steady in our children’s lives. What’s more important; pointing out flaws, or accepting them?

Be Loving:

No matter how uncool we are, our kids return to us when they feel loved. Do you kids ever go to you for a snuggle or a chat when they’re having a rough day or don’t feel well?

Be Respectful:

Respect is defined on Google Dictionary as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone…. or honor….” You can model this by showing your kids how to be respectful of grandparents and your spouse.

Be Courageous:

Raising kids takes courage; doing the right thing for our family, even if it’s tough. We often face scary decisions, including trying something new. All in the name of love.

I hope these 10 parenting quotes are inspiring to you!

Let this year be the year that your resolution stuck the whole year. Even modeling one of these 10 virtues would be influential to your whole family!

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6 thoughts on “10 Parenting Quotes

  1. Love this! I work in a job where I wish more parents would take the time to read this kind of information. Parents need to devote time and energy into their children, and sadly the ones I work with are some of those who don’t get the attention they deserve.


  2. I absolutely love these! Be more attentive is at the top of my list this year. We only have 1 1/2 years until the oldest goes to college and it has really sunk in just how soon it’s “gone”. I’m making an effort to be more present day-to-day and to spend this time making memories and not to let the BS of life get in the way.


  3. These are very sweet quotes! And I love the thought that children spell love “t-i-m-e” — that encourages me to be peaceful and not stress about trying to do sooo much with them – quality time will come through large quantities of time. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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