Mamas loving mamas (by EdenCo)

As Moms, we face challenges that no one may even ever know about. And the truth is, being a parent is hard. Sometimes we just need that extra love and support.

Here is the story of a Mom on a mission. This Etsy shop owner designs gorgeous hand lettered cards which are crafted with a special purpose in mind. “Mamas loving mamas.”

Here is Erin!

Photo Credit: Melissa Perry Photography


Hi! I’m Erin, a mid-west mama living her dream, as ever evolving as it is.

I grew up in a small town with a church, ice cream shop and pizza place nearly every block (and a landscape allowing you to see for miles). But, now home is in a slightly bigger town, surrounded by foothills (mountains to me!), new pizza places and cute twang in conversation.

My husband and my hearts were stolen fourteen months ago by our sweet little lady, who looks just like her daddy, acting just like her mama and she’s kept us on our toes ever since.

Photo Credit: Melissa Perry Photography

After she was born, I LOVED my job as a case manager, but knew I loved being her mom more. We made the difficult decision for me to transition into staying at home with her. (Like I said, ever evolving, ha!) It is a transition I am incredibly grateful for and absolutely love but I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been without (big) struggle.

As I struggled, I talked with others, and found a common thread, not only with mamas, but with women- there was a need. A need for honesty, support and small ways to know of their strength, jobs well done and the empowerment to believe in their own stories.

Y’all, mamas need mamas and women need women!

In this discovery, I created EdenCo, a small hand-lettering shop, creating cards and custom projects.  While I am neither an artist nor entrepreneurial genius, the work created is inspired by real life; with the hope of spreading joy, reassurance and random acts of happiness (while embracing the imperfections of daily chaos of moms and women alike).

EdenCo card collection, “Mamas loving mamas.”

I’m thrilled to team up with the beautiful Anna, creator of such a wonderful cyber space, to release our first collection of cards created for specifically from my inspiration: Mamas loving Mamas. 

My dream for the collection, was to make the cards simple, relatable and affordable, so it would be easier to send them with babies in hand, or in-between work meetings. My hope is they arrive in mailboxes across the country, simply bringing smiles.

EdenCo “Mamas loving Mamas” collection



Visit EdenCo on Etsy here.

You can also follow EdenCo on Facebook.




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