3 Simple Salads

Recently, we talked how we can rejuvenate ourselves. It’s important to eat nutrient-rich food, but it’s so hard when you’re a busy parent!

Here are 3 easy salads that make a healthy lunch or dinner!

First you need a good lettuce blend. I like to chop up some iceberg lettuce and mix it with spinach or spring mix. I toss them into my salad spinner, rinse, spin, and drain. I leave my spinner (basket insert and all) in the fridge. Then each time I want something quick, I have a salad base.

Then, all you have to do is top it with a favorite salad flavor!

Southwest Salad

Can be easy made with leftover chicken or beef. This was made with leftover smoked venison. I was just working with ingredients we had at the time, but a southwest salad can be so versatile. You can always add extra favorites like diced tomatoes, onions, avocados, and a dollop of sour cream! YUM!

southwest salad


Spinach & Strawberry

This is so simple! I love to add fresh fruit to salads to really amp up flavor and nutrition. For color, and added sweetness, I made a simple homemade honey mustard dressing. Would you add anything else to this?

southwest salad (2)


Almond + Blueberries

Again, fruit is such a flavor and nutrition enhancer! Almonds are a nice little touch of lean protein. Add a little bit of cheese to make a bit more filling. This maple vinaigrette was the perfect touch!

southwest salad (4)


There you have it! 3 Simple Salads! The best part is you can set your salad base in the fridge, and pop out new and exciting salad flavors every day.

Now you don’t have to eat the every day hot dogs and chicken nuggets with your kiddos. This will give you a bit more energy than those anyways!

What kind of combos will you end up making this week?


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2 thoughts on “3 Simple Salads

  1. those all look amazing, especially the almond blueberry one. I LOVE both those things and I try to eat lots of salads…seems so obvious to put them together but I’ve never thought of it before. Great post, I’m not a mom but I’ll still be making these recipes!

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