To the Mom Who Needs Strength Now


Your job is a hard one. It has been a hard job for all mothers, for all of time! 

Our shift is 24/7 with no sick days. We’re on call in the middle of the night and early mornings. Our brains run at super speeds. All. The. Time.

We face challenges that leave us feeling helpless and out of control. And then we continue to blame ourselves for still not doing a good enough job.

Life is overwhelming no matter how much you seem to accomplish. Do you feel this way?

Actual photo from my house….

To the Mom who needs strength to get through the week,

Your family began very intimately in a way that made your heart whole. It was love at first sight. Soon these tiny human beings you love grew. They became independent from you. Life started becoming chaotic. You could never just sit down and relax.

And you struggled a bit.

You struggled to be able to complete your to-do list; because you’re only one person and the to-do list is endless. You struggled in the ways of disciplining your children; because after all, comforting our kids comes more natural to us. You struggled to be heard; because your kids would rather play and have fun instead of listen to their parents. And you struggled to remember who you were before this beautiful family; because now this family is all of you.

I know you feel weak because compared to other moms you think you aren’t doing as good of a job. You feel like you don’t live up to what your family needs. You continue pouring yourself into your family’s cup.

It’s no wonder you’re stressed out, anxious, and tired! You give all of yourself, even when your cup appears to be completely dried out.

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

There is only one ‘you.’ No one can do your job like you.

But you know what? You were chosen to be a mom. How amazingly awesome is that? That the same creator who created something as beautiful as a coral blazing sunset and microscopic fingerprints on the hands of your unborn baby, has also created you! And he has a purpose for you!

Your time on Earth is temporary. And even more so temporarily, is your time raising your children. I know, I know… every time I hear this, I cringe too. It feels like forever when you’re living it! And not until it’s over is it easy to say, “how time flies!”

We all have our moments where our kids drive us crazy and we’re just tired.

But we need to be strong! And we want to enjoy these stages. 

If you really want to know the secret to being strong (and I have seen a lot of strong women in my life) I can tell you, it’s because they have faith.

These amazingly strong women shed sweat, blood, and tears for their families. They’re often times the people who have lost a lot, but keep their heads up and press on. They feel gratitude even when life doesn’t go as they planned. They know they’re part of something bigger.

These women pray for their families and friends like it’s their job. You just know when one of these women have prayed for you.

A mother’s heartfelt prayer can be one of the most caring, emotional prayers. And is answered with some strong results.

So, friend, if you need strength to get you through the week (or even just till the end of the day), your prayer will be heard. God will help you get through the week, whether you pray for 5 seconds, or hours through the night.

If you’re tired, pray for motivation and energy. If you feel lost, pray for guidance and help. If you feel weak, pray for strength and faith. If you feel you have no control, seriously, hand it over to God.

You weren’t meant to do this whole mom-thing alone.

You got this momma!

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

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