Moms Beyond

The past few weeks have been so busy here! We recently started raising baby chicks (see Instagram) and my oldest started baseball practice! And on top of that, coming up with lots of great ideas to share with you!

Have you heard of Moms Beyond?

It’s a community for moms online which offers a way to meet other moms, advice articles, stories from moms, and you can find items for baby, kids, mom, and the home. The team is made up of over 40 Moms who contribute articles, and curate products.

Moms Beyond invited me to join the team of content contributors, soΒ you will start seeing articles written by me there. I will be covering fun art-related ideas twice monthly on Moms Beyond. I’ll post links on Momma Bird Blog whenever they are up on the site. My first article is “Kids Watercolor Art,” which is an easy step-by-step project your little one can create with your help!

I had my 4 year-old help me with this art project. We did a watercolor piece of a toy giraffe and hung it in our “Fine Art Gallery” at home! It turned out super cute!

Haha this is his silly face!
Look at this cute duo!


It actually turned out pretty cute for just winging it! The giraffe was done by our 4 year-old (with a bit of help from me). The giraffe print was done by our 2 year-old. After the pictures were done drying we added some pen and colored pencil for extra detail. This is is a great duo piece that can be framed and displayed side-by-side!

Now I’m planning some more fun artsy activities to write about!

Do your and your kids prefer to paint, color, or craft?

What other types of creative outlets does your family enjoy?

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