When Life Gets Tough

I really wanted to share this post because it’s exactly why I started blogging. I had a rough year that changed my life. I was so impacted because I was minding my own business, doing ok. Then life just happened. I did nothing to deserve any of it.

I’ve had so many drafts ready to post explaining what happened, hoping to help someone else. But I didn’t want to come across as weak. And what about the people that still had it harder than me? Because I know plenty of people there.

At the very least, I know what I felt was raw. And it wasn’t easy.


Quick story!

Honestly, in 2015 a lot of crazy stuff happened to my family. Just to name a few situations, it was mostly between hospitals, emergency situations, and floods. I couldn’t believe that a person could go through that much stress. And I remember my sister telling me that I was so strong. At first I thought “I didn’t have much of a choice.” But I totally did! I was dealing with all of those things and pressing on.

I know some of the things you ladies are going through and I think “Wow! She is so strong!” I know behind closed doors, you feel broken. You feel like giving up sometimes. I know you don’t see how strong you really are.

Some of the stuff you ladies are going through, and the way you’re just pushing on… Some of you are fighting battles not many people know about. Or you’re fighting your battle by yourself.

You’re allowed to cry and be mad. But you are so much stronger than all of this! You May not see it through you’re perception. All you see is how hard your fighting. You think no one sees your pain and heartache.

But I see you. And you’re above this.

You got this!


Copied from my post on Mom Tribe.


I just thought more of you need to see this.

Sending love and good vibes!

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