Free and Affordable E-Books

It’s been a while since I posted on one of your favorite subjects, frugal living. But around the holidays we’re all really looking for good deals. 

Being an advocate of early reading, especially in my own home, I take the boys to our local library often. They spend a good 30 minutes or more playing with puzzles, toy kitchen, and games on the computers. I usually spend a majority of that time selecting some cute books. Then they pick out a few more to top off our tote bag. (And I tend to read more blog posts and news articles than anything). 

But sometimes we won’t make it to the library as often. Especially living in the country when we only make it to town once or twice a week. That leaves the pickings to the same few favorites from our bookshelf at home.

I started resorting to a few options at home. So many of the options available online are for free samples (less than a chapter or the first few pages) or you typically end up paying per book. Some of the apps aren’t as user-friendly or only have older books available.

But good free and affordable e-book resources actually exist. These 3 resources I found the most user-friendly, with a wide variety of genres (from romance novels to illustrated children’s books), and they had the best deals.


You may be able to sign up free on the Hoopla app using your local public library card. When I logged in I had no idea that our library did this. They carry plenty of genres and even include new releases and best sellers. For instance this was how I was able to get my hands on the audiobook version of “Girl Wash Your Face.” 

Book Bub

After landing on their website they took me to some great deals on Amazon. Children’s books were Free, $0.99, and $1.99. Book Bub updates you on deals from your favorite authors and genres across major e-book platforms. 

Kindle Unlimited

It’s no surprise that (Amazon) Kindle Unlimited has an E-book library. What surprised me is that I can go on their app, spend $10 a month, and get full acess to their e-books, audiobooks, and magazines! I just may sign up for that free 30-day trial!

Affordable hard copies

If you’re looking to buy affordable (some used) hard copies, one of my favorite places is Thiftbooks. I ordered a small stack of children’s books once and it only cost me about $25. So it’s worth checking out!

Join the conversation!

I’m sure there are more than 3 (actually good) resources for E-books! If you have a favorite E-book (or audiobook) app or website please share in the comments! I love sharing good stuff! 

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