10 Resources for your New Year Resolutions

Someone asked me the other day if I was excited for 2019. Yet, another honest answer from me… I’m not ready for it. The holidays this year just feel super sped up. Right now, I have no current plans tonight except to stay up with my 6 year old while everyone else sleeps. My husband has work tomorrow and I don’t even want to deal with the little ones late at night.

Then there’s the whole New Years Resolutions thing.

All I want is to live a life of feeling good physically, spiritually in-touch, able to time-manage my whole family better, more patient with my kids, more time with my husband, and I want more financial freedom. But I’m not going to start all of these tomorrow. Of course I want a well-rounded life. But like any real-life scenario, once the car needs new breaks, the washing machine breaks.

So I’m going to chip away at these guides all year long during the times in which I feel like I need them most. These have all been resources I’ve used all throughout my adult life (and they litter my Instagram feed too!).

Here are some of my favorite goal-setting resources!

Yearly Planner; keep your family’s due dates, appointments, and events. If you find a pretty, organized planner for 2019, let me know!!!

Dave Ramsey’s Peace University; financial lecture and spreadsheets

A Standard of Grace (By Emily Ley); workbook for moms and wives

Raising A Loving Family (By Scott, Doub, Runnels); family wellness guide

Jesus Calling (By Sarah Young); devotionals for every day of the year

(Here are 5 more resources I have that aren’t in hard copies. One I loaned to a friend, one I listened to as an audiobook, one is coming soon, and two are my goal-setting, motivational posts that I thought you should read! )

Mom Set Free (By Jeannie Cunnion); spiritual freedom for moms

Girl, Wash Your Face (By Rachel Hollis); “Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be.”

Girl, Stop Apologizing (By Rachel Hollis); (coming in March 2019) “A shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals.”

8 Ways To Lose Baby Weight Realistically!

Top 10 Parenthood Quotes for the New Year

Anyways, go set some goals! Nothing is better than feeling good about your own life, just try not to measure it all numerically. No one can determine how you feel about your weight, financial capabilities, parenting, spirituality, and all that good stuff….

Let 2019 be the year that you shed the pressure and step into a new hope!

Happy New Year!

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