Cute Children’s Books (From My Instagram)

Children’s books are one of the most fun, engaging, educational, and magical components of childhood. I’m sure you remember a good book that someone special read to you when you were little. The page-by-page adventures that transpired before your little eyes, your growing mind. And somehow certain books are engraved into our memory, even after all these years.

I still remember my mom taking us to the library often. We would raid the children’s books bin. Then we would always stop over at videos (Yes, I mean VHS’s!). If we asked mom to read she never said no. So I have some good memories of sitting alongside and following the words on each line.

I remember my first grade teacher reading our class “The Tiny Seed,” by Eric Carle. The following year, our teacher read us “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” About third or forth grade I was introduced to “Stone Soup.” All I remember about it was trying to convince my mom that we needed stone soup because next thing I know I was scrubbing a rock to put in our dinner! 😆

There were so many good books growing up! So many! And although I never sat down to read Harry Potter like my friends (don’t judge!), I did find other genres of interest. As I got older it was usually some sort of drama/romance.

My senior year of high school, our Creative Writing teacher offered some extra credit. All we had to do was construct a children’s book. There wasn’t any requirements so I thought, “that’s way too easy for extra credit!” So, me being a right-brain-kinda-gal, I whipped up a cute little story. My teacher was amazed at my work and told me, “Wow! You really should think about being a children’s author!”

Now as a momma to 3 little-ish boys, picking out cute children’s books is a favorite! We make library trips just like my mom did with us. They get so excited to go play with the computers, play kitchen, puzzles, and all that good stuff. Meanwhile, I pick out books about trains, trucks, whales, and even seasonal books, too! There is nothing better than to snuggle up with my boys and a good book!

At our local library having some fun!
We love any chance to get our hands on some cute kid’s books.

Here is just a small compilation of our favorite children’s books. We have even more favorites, though.

(No, this is not an ad.) These are some of the books we checked out last year.

We bought these at the Scholastic Book Fair. “Dog on a Frog” is a silly rhyming book worth having.
Ok, all of these were fun books! My favorite of this bunch was surprisingly “The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School.” It’s was a lot of fun reading with the boys.
Yet, another great collection of books! My favorite here was “Remember 10 with Explorer Ben.” Each page is full of things from Explorer Ben’s journey. It teaches you different ways of memorization.
Eric Carle is one of my favorite children’s author/illstrators. We own several of his books at home. They’re all classics!
Our boys’ favorite Eric Carle book!
Loving all the different art styles, too!
2 of our favorites that we own! Especially if you have boys, these are very well done! “Even Super Heroes Have Bad Days” and “Steam Train, Dream Train.”

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of favorites! But, we are always looking for new favorites!

Which children’s books do you enjoy?

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