How We Hudson

Have you ever wondered how large families function? How do they get places on time? How do they feed all those kids? How do they afford it all?

A new YouTube channel, “How We Hudson” has begun a questions series. The family of 9 seems to manage everything so well that people have been asking them how they do it. They took to YouTube and post these endearing videos frequently.

“We just started doing them for fun. To help others, make them laugh, and give an inside glimpse into our big family craziness with the hope of encouraging.”

-Dana Hudson, Mom

Mom and Dad of the crew are a hard-working duo. On top of the responsibilities of raising 7 kids, they work several jobs and are involved with church. The kids also do their part to help out, too.

Josh and Dana are experienced in saving and frugal living. They know the in’s and out’s of coupon clipping, rewards points, and smart buys.

The family also works together to get places in a timely manner. In the videos you can see that there is even a structure in the family van. Dana shows us the essentials she keeps for on-the-go use; like strollers, diaper bag, trash, various storage, and her favorite must-have products.

There are so many other goodies tucked into these videos!

The Hudson’s don’t claim to be perfect or have everything figured out. Instead, they attribute all of their blessings from God. Perhaps faith is the secret weapon!

Here’s a sneak peak of the videos:

The take-away is exponential for families of any size! Structure, routine, dependency on each other, and depending on faith are all so important in being a “successful” parent.

Check out the channel page here! And subscribe to “How We Hudson” to stay up-to-date with more tips!

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