How to Speed Clean (With Essential Oils)

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One of the biggest stressors of being home with my boys is keeping the house clean. It’s like I spend a morning cleaning and then by dinner time it’s destroyed. Sometimes it feels pointless.

Do you feel this way too? Like you might be a little more enthused if you could clean your whole house while someone watched your kids? Or if once your house was clean, your kids helped you keep it clean?

My house never stays clean! But I can make it appear that way for guests.

Our problem areas are our “front room” and kitchen mostly. Our “front room” is the first room you walk into and it’s usually pretty messy. So I like to tackle that room first. The kitchen slowly gets cleaned through the day, each time I go in there I pick up a little.

As a side note, I will say that I have also opted to use more natural cleaners like essential oils. If you don’t use them, a cheap natural cleaner is white vinegar.

Original photo by Upsplash user: rawpixel

If we have company over, I usually do a 20-30 minute job around the house. I try to stop when they pull in the drive-way. That’s why I start with the more important stuff first, in case I don’t have time for all of it.

This is the order I do everything in:

  • Get the diffuser started (with some pine or lavender oil) because smell is so important to me and older houses can stink!
  • Have the kids take all their toys to their rooms (plus it keeps them out of the way)
  • Fold blankets in the living room
  • Toss dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe out sink (with Thieves dishsoap)
  • Scrub toilet (with Thieves essential oil concentrate cleaner)
  • Wipe bathroom down (with Thieves spray)
  • Empty little trash bins (add a drop of essential oil to bottom of bins)
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wipe dinning room table down (with Thieves spray)
  • Spray main rooms with DIY room spray

And that’s why if you ever come to my house, I look like a wreck when you show up. Even if you tell me not to clean for our visit, I’m still going to speed clean. It’s because I value time with you. And because I had 20-30 minutes before you showed up!

So long story, short, my house doesn’t stay clean.  In summary, the best ways to make a house feel clean are; have your kids pick up often, deoderize, and let natural fresh scents linger in your home.

Photo by Upslash user: The Creative Exchange

Thinking about getting into oils? Just find “email me” on the menu bar and I’ll get you started!

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