Free Valentine’s Day Cards

Since February just started, I’m thinking Valentine’s Day! I mean, on a day like today, the overcast just has us dozing off. But, at least there’s another holiday to look forward to. Am I right?

Since, you all seemed to love the Free Printable Valentine’s Day cards I made last year, I thought I’d make you some more to chose from. These are just so fun to create! I design all of my graphics on, which is free for anyone to use. They have all sorts of cute illustrations and fonts!

If you don’t really like putting a lot of time and effort, though, these are pre-made, along with a PDF printable file. Even a last minute mom can print these out at home the night before Valentine’s Day! (And believe me, I’ve been there!)

The 2019 Valentine’s Day cards

Here’s your PDF printable file!

The reasons behind what I chose:

There are 3 boys cards and 3 girls cards. But, I’m pretty sure some kids wouldn’t mind having either. Also, I kept printer ink in mind and used some lighter coloring for the backgrounds. However, you’ll want to be printing these on card stock for a quality look (instead of using regular printer paper that can end up soggy).

Step 1:

Click the link above, sign in to, click “use template”, and print (with stock paper)!

Step 2:

Cut with a die cut or paper cutter to ensure even lines.

Step 3:

Have your child write To & From!

And that’s it! Enjoy!

Here’s that link again if you’re having trouble.

Check out the 2018 Valentine’s Day Cards:

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards (Boy and Girl Sets)

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