10 Motivational Quotes For the Mom Who Feels Stuck

Friends, if there’s one thing that really needs sharing, it’s this.

It’s normal to dive head first into the sea of motherhood unknowingly. It’s an exciting new adventure that you get lost in. You overcome a lot of tribulations in this underwater journey. Finally, you look for a glimmering ray of sunlight to lead you to the air. Once you’ve surfaced, you might have no idea where you are anymore, and you have no idea where to go. You aren’t quite the same person anymore.

I’ve been there and it’s not easy. When you’re a stay-at-home mom, especially, those tribulations are all of you. You blame yourself for things you don’t have control over. Often times you feel small. Either way, when you’re ready to resurface, you wonder about all of those big dreams you used to have. You just want to feel like your old self again, but you are a completely new person.

For some of us moms, we feel like we can’t get any traction with our aspirations, finances, health, and relationships. But I rounded up 10 motivational quotes to help you break free.

“Girl, Wash Your Face” was one of the best books I ever read! You feel like you’re not so alone in this world. Rachel Hollis talks about the real struggles of womanhood and motherhood. But her faith in God and her faith in her readers ignite motivation and empowerment.

When you have difficulties in your life, that’s another tool in your belt to equip you to help others. What if people face adverse situations in order to be a light to others?

Asking for help can be one of THE hardest things I’ve ever had to do. We know without a doubt what needs to be done. Perhaps all we need to do to reach our goals is shed a layer.

Maybe you feel stuck because you’re just waiting to “be happy.” But you have to find your happiness in every day. You have to look for all the beautiful things around you and appreciate them for what they are now.

Your intuition is a powerful thing. Maybe sometimes it’s not just a gut feeling though, maybe it’s God telling you to do something. Sometimes it’s best to go against the grains.

Whatever is causing you to feel stuck, whether aspirations, finances, health, and relationships, it’s time for some change! Part of that change is probably going to be asking someone for help. It’s okay though, you got this!

Your goals and dreams are possible, with some hard work. Maybe Zig Ziglar just means you have to literally have a job to make money to achieve your dreams. Maybe he’s talking about helping people utilizing your passion. But I think part of the solution here of so many successful people is networking. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Things I wish I could’ve told myself years ago. Stay positive! Instead of worrying, see your happy family. See all the good. It’ll filter your vision for a happier life.

This is key to focusing on your accomplishments. As a mom, you have to do all of the above to resurface again. And keep moving forward!

You might feel stuck, but ditch that thought. You are a good mom and you’re moving onto the next crucial step of your life. Let go of all your doubts and fears and crush it! You got this!

2 thoughts on “10 Motivational Quotes For the Mom Who Feels Stuck

  1. You helped an overwhelmed first time mamma out 🙏thank you for posting!Tears rolled down , feel better, and motivated.


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