For the Mom Who Doesn’t Have Time for Resolutions

Momma, don’t feel bad if you don’t have a New Year Resolution. If you feel like you’re too overwhelmed already then keep reading.

First off, I just want to say that I did take an unintentional break (at first) from Momma Bird. Over the course of the last few months my husband was finishing up EMT class and numerous tests. Although I wasn’t the one taking the tests, it somehow stressed me out. The longer it’s been, I kept thinking about you all, my wonderful readers. Then people started asking me when I was going to write on here again. I thank you for the love and support. I took a break for my own sanity. Because while society tells us we aren’t important unless we’re busy, my main message to you all is consistently that you are so important no matter what!

So for you busy Moms like me, instead of a weight loss goal, how about you take more “me” time. Instead of trying to have more side hustles, how about enjoying an ordinary day with your kids and making extraordinary memories. And instead of feeling bad for not being the perfect Mom even though you are tired to the bone, how about a little grace.

Nothing fired me up more than “Girl Wash Your Face.” Please read it if you haven’t! I listened to the audiobook while cleaning my house and finished it in 24 hours! Rachel Hollis is so very inspiring!

But along with creating your own goals, that I’ve learned that I don’t need to be important to everyone. Sometimes it’s more important to show up for the people in my life.

I didn’t hit my goal of publishing before the new year as I was helping other people reach their goals. I helped my husband study many nights, helping to social media market my best friend’s newly published book, and now I’m preparing to help social media market my Father-in-law’s political campaign. Aside from part-time work and being a Mom I’ve enjoyed a few lazy days.

My message to you Mommas, is this:

I know sometimes you feel small in the jist of the mundane routine. You’re looking for purpose. You’re looking for ways to make life more special. You’re looking for change. The change you need is probably closer than you think. I don’t think it comes from the typical weight loss goals at the start of the new year. The best kind of change comes from allowing yourself what you deserve. You deserve breaks, good sleep, to feel good (not just look good), you deserve respect, and help, and more! And most importantly you deserve happiness.

Happy New Year! Let 2020 be your year to feel like a whole person again!



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