A Parenting Poem

I wanted to share a poem with you, written by my Dad. In the midst of chaos of parenthood, this poem resonates with me and I’m sure it will with you also.

This is a poem about making decisions out of love for our families.

Here’s the poem:


What’s Important

I wanted to do important things,

But life got in the way

Great deeds were to be performed… and respected

I wanted to be someone relevant,

Life had other plans for me

There wasn’t any true purpose for my passions

I realized that I was doing things for the wrong reasons

I met a girl… and gained a wife

The reason for living became varied and wide ranged

The important things… they changed

We created a legacy… our children

Reaching selfish goals seemed less important

Praying that we inspire our family toward goodness

And trying to live gracious lives became the purpose

I’ve failed so many times   

The willingness to keep trying is what matters… makes us relevant

It’s not about the mistakes we make

It’s what we do about those mistakes that defines us

Hopefully we teach… and learn… by example

Concerning both accomplishments and failures 

That’s what’s important!

-Michael J. Williams


The same goes for so many of us parents. We choose our families over things we want to do, often times giving up what we thought were passions. It seems like life is always redirecting us, something our teenage selves never thought would happen to us.

The great thing about new direction, I’ve found, is that it’s never too late to pursue anything in life. And just because you didn’t make your old dreams happen doesn’t mean you can’t have new dreams.

Don’t let the lack of success now make you believe you’ve forever failed.

Dad, you may never have gotten to be a history professor or own your own woodshop, but you have always been a great Dad! Your love and loyalty for Mom and us kids has always been undeniable! Love you!

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