Searching For Happiness

I was just recently at the dentist office, where I read an interesting magazine article about happiness. I hadn’t really thought about how much I search for happiness. We change jobs because we’re searching for happiness. Our relationships change because of happiness. Many people believe their finances play a role in happiness.

But here’s the thing I learned; there are two types of happiness. One we get from essentially treating ourselves. And the other comes from helping other people.

Magazine article by Mirel Zaman.

And most importantly, happiness shouldn’t be situational. People think they would be happier by switching jobs, changing relationship statuses, or even by having more money. But we all know those are temporary fixes. In this article, Mirel explains that we often mistake happiness for excitement. As soon as I read that, lightbulbs went off.

Happiness has no circumstance.

For instance, a couple weeks ago, I was having a good day! I had my biweekly shopping trip. I had to meal plan, budget, and make all the stops. I found some deals along the way, added it all up, and when I got to the register, my amount was spot on! (Those of you who do cash only budgets should know what I’m talking about). I celebrated out loud, like a dork! And I didn’t care what anyone thought. It was a victory! The rest of the day went smoothly. I work (server) that evening and make really good tips. I was just in a really good mood.

Now, today was biweekly shopping day. Usually I don’t enjoy it that much because it’s not a shopping spree (which would be way more fun). After meal planning and budgeting for the last couple days I’m ready. I get my cash out, get gas, and all of a sudden my car won’t start. I snag the help of a gentleman at a nearby pump to jump start me. After it’s going I head to the car parts store and the battery costs my entire grocery budget. I pop pack in the bank, swing into the store for essentials, and head home. By then I just feel like I need a nap because today just did not go as planned.

We get back (keep in mind, I had my 4 year-old with me, too) and it’s nap time. He begs me to snuggle and while doing so, I look back at the day so far. I’m snuggled up to warm, chubby little cheecks, his arms all wrapped around mine, and his breath reminds me of that sweet baby breath. I think about the gentlman who helped me, the guy at the auto parts store who installed my new battery, the bank teller wishing me a better day, and the checkout girl at the store who offered to pay for one of my items I put back. (Don’t worry, I’m going back to the store in a few days for a big shopping trip. That’s not the point, though.)

I look at all of the people throughout the day who were extraordinary. And I initially wanted to cry about all of this, but then i realize God has been in all of these situations today. And I feel so much gratitude for the way things went today.

In either an easy-going day or a difficult day, you can still be happy. It all depends on one thing.

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes or to be frustrated. It’s okay not to trust everyone. But happiness is the ability to be grateful. It’s a mood, a vibe. It’s knowing that you are good enough and that you’re loved by God. It’s feeling like you belong where you’re at and not like the world is out to get you. And most importantly, sometimes it takes work. (Jot down a couple things a day that you’re thankful for.) I hope you’re able to see the good in your life!

Happy Friday, friends! 😊

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