Welcome, Baby!

2020 was a difficult year for everyone; quarantine and zoom home school won’t be forgotten. But then on top of those challenges, any time the National Guard was called, my husband had to leave us abruptly for an unknown amount of time to an unknown place. But that still wasn’t the worst part of 2020 for us. If you’ve read my last post, 1 in 4, you know we had two miscarriages from 2020-2021.

I became pregnant a 6th time in March. I was terrified to be pregnant, but my husband was supportive. I focused a lot on my faith and mental health.

In September we finally announced our big news!

Shortly after that, I was admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks and then transferred to another one. On day two of the hospital stay, I had an emergency C-section. My husband made it just in time to be there with me. And immediately afterwards, our baby was taken to the NICU. He spent just over 3 weeks there, in which we faced several scares. Plus, masking up to see your baby doesn’t feel right. The whole thing was actually a bit traumatic.

I continued to focus on my mental health and would come home with my husband to see our older boys. But boy, was that hard leaving my newborn at the hospital!

This was our third NICU baby, so we knew the ins and outs of proceedures there. But let me tell ya, when you’ve had all NICU babies, you don’t quite know the difference between that and immediately going home. With a healthy baby, it feels odd to just walk out of the hospital. Its actually feels wrong. But with a NICU baby, it’s very much like a deployed service member coming home. They keep telling you it’s going to happen soon, but it’s very much a day or two process. There is 10x more paperwork and educational walk-throughs. Of course, since we have been through the exact same process so many times before, we got the sweet, but still cover their asses speeches.

We were able to all be home for the holidays, which made my Momma heart happy. I’m forever a boy Mom! It’s so great to see his brothers smooch him or love on him. And they have been great helpers!

Now my once upon a time preemie is filling out and is a happy boy! (…Minus some night time crying fits.) But I did not imagine myself in this place a year ago!

My babe is a perfect example of life not going the way I planned, but still having faith. And having faith is not always easy, but God is so good!

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