About Momma Bird Blog

Momma Bird Blog was established in August of 2017 as a parenting lifestyle blog. The original brand encompassed crafts, safety tips, frugal tips, and plenty more.Since then, MBB has undergone a few transformations. The 2019 rebrand focuses more on Mom; mental strength, a feeling of community, empowerment, treating yourself with grace, and your wellness.

You may know the popular post about Mom guilt (see “Mom Life and the Thing No One Talks About“). In case you’ve missed it, the message in that particular post is for struggling Moms (which I believe is all of us at one point). This post had nearly a million impressions on Pinterest and continues to be viewed daily.

Other popular topics on Momma Bird Blog range from how to lose baby weight, mental detox, baby blues, self-care, natural living, parenting quotes, motivational quotes, and lots more!

 Something big is coming (hopefully) by the end of 2019! Follow along for updates!

Anna’s story

My name is Anna Havens. I’m the Momma behind over 100 posts on this site. I’m the Mom who showed you how to lose 14 pounds (of baby weight) without buying gimmicky products and I’m the Mom who showed you 10 easy self-care ideas. I make it my goal to empower Moms because this gig is far from easy!

11 years ago I met a handsome man who happened to be in the Air Force. From the moment our eyes met, I felt a connection unlike any other I’ve ever had. He knew he wanted to marry me from then on, and a few years later we did. A few short months after having our firstborn, my husband deployed. That was the deciding factor that launched my life as a stay-at-home Mom. Now we have three little boys (ages 7, 5, and 4).

I really struggled as a stay-at-home mom when the boys were much smaller. Then, my hubby was working long hours with a long drive each day and occasionally switched to midnight shifts. I was caring for (practically) 3 babies with little help, little sleep, and my hormones were a wreck. I needed a big change!

So what did I do? I made prayer more of my routine, I learned to trust God’s plan, and I gave myself more grace. I spoke up about how I felt and got more help. Because of that I was able to sleep more and that helped balance my hormones. Then I was better able to take care of my basic needs. Once I began to feel better, this cycle started to impact my family for the better.

Momma Bird Blog began when I was in the beginning stages of healing. I was in the process of handing over all of my struggle and worry to God when I felt a quiet whisper. I was immediately urged to start blogging.

I realized what I was going through as a mom wasn’t talked about much. As Moms, it’s so normal to feel judged, alone, and just burnt out! We feel like we’re good Moms when we are constantly giving of ourselves, yet we wonder why we don’t feel well.

Momma, you deserve to feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically well! You don’t have to give all of yourself to be a good Mom. It’s in fact, quite the opposite. When you feel well, you’ll be able to give more of yourself to your family. So in the short run, your family will likely be happier and function better when you are in good spirits.

You deserve to feel as good as the family you love and care for so much!