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The blog focuses on helping you to prepare your kids for the first few years of school, while also providing you other tips to make your parenting journey easier and more productive!

Raising kids takes a village …or at least lots and lots of research. And lots and lots of support from family and friends.

My biggest tip for you is to stay in touch with other parents who understand your daily struggles. Even your mom and dad or siblings! There is a peace in that!

Whether or not you have support, try joining a parent’s Facebook group or subscribing to a parent blog like this one!


Anna’s story

6 years ago my husband and I were first time parents to a little baby boy. Our first week as parents we spent watching over our precious babe in an incubator at the NICU, all while preparing for my husband’s second deployment. Can you say high stress?

Fast forward and now we have 3 little boys. stay-at-home to eliminate the burdens of daycare costs, but also to prepare our little ones for school. (With the exception of my now super-ultra part time gigs that allow me to be home 6-7 days a week). So my stay-at-home mission, is very much like my missions to help your family as well!

Do you know what kids are expected to know by kindergarten? The number one way to prepare kids for school is by reading to them often! And the second best way to prepare your child for school is by doing various activities with him/her that require simple instructions.


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