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Parenting is hard even with the resources and technology we have today. Our kids are ever-changing on growth charts, interests, and vocabulary and we are forced to evolve to the new norm.

I’m reminded so often that this stage of life goes quick. Sometimes that drives me nuts to hear, because I’m living those mornings of waking up tired, forgetting to eat most of the day, and kids climbing me. But, when I can take a step back, I see the sunlight in their hair, barefoot boys, climbing and curious, and almost always giggling. These are the toughest, most important, and most loved years of our lives.

I know it’s tough and I know you’re tired. And you want to compare yourself to other parents. Other people make it look easier. But no one said it’s easy. The most important thing you can do is try to make a balanced life for your family and enjoy the little things.



Anna’s story

Six years ago my husband and I were first time parents to a little baby boy. Our first week as parents we spent watching over our precious babe in an incubator at the NICU, all while preparing for my husband’s second deployment. Can you say high stress? Deployments are just tough on families. But we were blessed that my husband had a safe return!

Fast forward and now we have three little boys. Boy, are they energetic! Our favorite place to be is outside, running around, getting dirty, playing baseball, and letting our imagination kick-in.

After, 6 years, I’m still aΒ stay-at-home mom.Β I work 2 ultra part-time gigs that allow me to be home (6-7 days a week), but this allows me some flexibility with my husband’s work schedule. Being a stay-at-home mom comes with it’s own set of challenges.

My main mission over all is to motivate moms who are worn out. Trust me, you’re not alone. That doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong, just because you face challenges. You face challenges because you didn’t give up!

Keep up the good work, parents!


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