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Hey guys, my name is Anna. I’m a wife and a momma to 3 little boys! We live on an old (no longer working) dairy farm in northwest Ohio, where (there are no longer cows) but we raise chickens and ducks! Just to give you a clear picture of our family, my husband is in the Air Force, I mostly stay-at-home (but work a little outside of home too), our boys are high energy country boys, and our dog has the speed capacity probably of a cheetah.

hey Momma

As a teenager, I clung to my dreams of traveling the world, going to The Art Institute, and then eventually becoming as good of a photographer as the photojournalists from National Geographic. I was slowly climbing my way up the knowledge ladder, working with professionals in my hometown.

Then I met my husband (10 years ago). He just knew that he was going to marry me from that moment on. I fell in love. And the entire direction of my life changed. After we got married and had our first baby, my husband deployed. That launched my life as a stay-at-home mom. And now our family has grown to 5, which is crazy to think about!

Much of my time at home has been spent focusing on how to make our family better, which are things I share with you in this blog. I focus on family values, health and nutrition, frugal living, and more! I’m constantly looking for feedback, whether you have a favorite post or have questions about a particular topic. Please contact me!

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