Mamas loving mamas (by EdenCo)

Mamas loving mamas (by EdenCo)

As Moms, we face challenges that no one may even ever know about. And the truth is, being a parent is hard. Sometimes we just need that extra love and support.

Here is the story of a Mom on a mission. This Etsy shop owner designs gorgeous hand lettered cards which are crafted with a special purpose in mind. “Mamas loving mamas.”


Here is Erin!

Photo Credit: Melissa Perry Photography


Hi! I’m Erin, a mid-west mama living her dream, as ever evolving as it is.

I grew up in a small town with a church, ice cream shop and pizza place nearly every block (and a landscape allowing you to see for miles). But, now home is in a slightly bigger town, surrounded by foothills (mountains to me!), new pizza places and cute twang in conversation.

My husband and my hearts were stolen fourteen months ago by our sweet little lady, who looks just like her daddy, acting just like her mama and she’s kept us on our toes ever since.

Photo Credit: Melissa Perry Photography

After she was born, I LOVED my job as a case manager, but knew I loved being her mom more. We made the difficult decision for me to transition into staying at home with her. (Like I said, ever evolving, ha!) It is a transition I am incredibly grateful for and absolutely love but I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been without (big) struggle.

As I struggled, I talked with others, and found a common thread, not only with mamas, but with women- there was a need. A need for honesty, support and small ways to know of their strength, jobs well done and the empowerment to believe in their own stories.

Y’all, mamas need mamas and women need women!

In this discovery, I created EdenCo, a small hand-lettering shop, creating cards and custom projects.  While I am neither an artist nor entrepreneurial genius, the work created is inspired by real life; with the hope of spreading joy, reassurance and random acts of happiness (while embracing the imperfections of daily chaos of moms and women alike).

EdenCo card collection, “Mamas loving mamas.”

I’m thrilled to team up with the beautiful Anna, creator of such a wonderful cyber space, to release our first collection of cards created for specifically from my inspiration: Mamas loving Mamas. 

My dream for the collection, was to make the cards simple, relatable and affordable, so it would be easier to send them with babies in hand, or in-between work meetings. My hope is they arrive in mailboxes across the country, simply bringing smiles.

EdenCo “Mamas loving Mamas” collection



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Top 8 Parenting Quotes

Top 8 Parenting Quotes

The best way to do anything in life is to surround yourself with positive thoughts. Thoughts of love and happiness. Thoughts of strength and courage.

Many parenting quotes are treasured, but only 8 made it to the top of my list.

Here they are:



Children do reflect the care they are given. They often seem the best behaved with one-on-one time between their parents. Grandparents even. Giving attention isn’t bad, it just shows that you care.



The entirety of parenting. We hope to establish our children in knowledge and good decision-making as they grow up. As they grow bigger and more knowledgeable, it can be hard to let them try things on their own. But giving them wings means letting them succeed or learn from their failures.



Always. All-around peace.



If you have parenting guilt, this is for you. You have to take your children part-way in life. Then it’s up to them to do the rest. Anne Frank was a wise girl!



About every weekend we ask our kids what they want to do over the next 2 days. Their response every time, “play with you guys!” They want our time. And on the days when we can play more, they seem to have great behavior.



Nicholas Sparks is a brilliant person. Parenting is hard. But yes, I often think that on a deeper level, this is why God allowed us to have children, so he could help us understand a fraction of how much He loves us.



All the corners, nooks, and crannies.



Courage to do the right thing, no matter if it’s not easy. Courage to push yourself each day, past your limits for your little loves.



If there’s one thing good parents have in common, it’s our inability to give up on our families. Good parents doubt themselves and criticize themselves. Often times more than necessary. We fill our days with worry and stress. Trying to do our best.

There is no one right way to parent. There are lots.

But good parents love their children more than life itself, no matter what.


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No One Can Prepare You to be a Parent

No One Can Prepare You to be a Parent

When you become a parent, no one can prepare you for what you’re about to go through or what you’ll feel.

Some have parenting all figured out before they have kids. Some don’t have a clue what they are doing to begin with. One thing is for sure, through the parenting journey, things don’t quite go like we plan. Things change and you begin to learn and grow with your babies.

Here are some of my personal discoveries that you’re likely to encounter also.


1) Love at first sight isn’t just for fairy tales.


They say that love at first sight isn’t real. I believed it when I met my husband. But, even more so, I felt this when I brought our boys into this world. And I knew other parents felt that way for their children also.


2) Boys can’t cry. boyscry

Growing up, I never really saw boys or men cry. Society views it as something men shouldn’t do. Now, as a boy mom, I know my little boys aren’t invincible. Even a grown man can cry. It’s not a weakness, it just shows men have compassion and that they feel.


3) Kids teach us to open our eyes to what’s all around us.


Kids have the ability to teach us about life. They tell us to look up at the airplane or at the cool bug they found. Kids ask questions that sometimes we have a hard time answering, but the questions that are good for our soul.


4) Enter a new world by reading to your children.storytime

One of our fondest memories of childhood is often times our parents having read to us. What a great opportunity to journey through a magical world! The best part is getting to be close and snuggle with your little ones.


5) Sneaky, but brilliant kids.icecream

You’ll experience moments in which you won’t know whether to be impressed or upset. And yes, my son really did this. And after I was able to get the door unlocked, he was enjoying a bucket of ice cream with a spoon on the couch. I had to hold back a laugh!


When you’re a parent, you experience many dynamics to life. If you are lucky, you are able to learn the perspective of innocent eyes.

Being a parent is aiming for one thing and needing backup plans. You can never predict a thing. They are full of surprises and you can never guess how your day will go. But it is such a beautiful experience.

No one tells you how hard it will be, but they also never tell you how in love you will be.