Honest Review of Thieves Household Cleaner

As you may be well aware, I was introduced to essential oils in Fall of 2017. My only interest was in lavender essential oil, which I thought was just a smell good oil. Was I ever wrong! I thought essential oils were just a trendy product. I was wrong about that, too. Like many peopleContinue reading “Honest Review of Thieves Household Cleaner”

Week 1 of Essential Oils [What It Did For My Family]

Here’s what essential oils really did for my family on the first week. **This post contains links that I may receive compensation for.** Last week, I was anxiously waiting the arrival of the delivery guy with my Young Living starter kit. When I saw him pull in, I paced around the house, snatched the box,Continue reading “Week 1 of Essential Oils [What It Did For My Family]”