Week 1 of Essential Oils [What It Did For My Family]

Week 1 of Essential Oils [What It Did For My Family]

Let's have a cup

Here’s what essential oils really did for my family on the first week!

Last week, I was anxiously waiting the arrival of the delivery guy with my Young Living starter kit. When I saw him pull in, I paced around the house, snatched the box, then had that thing opened up before he could even pull away. 😀

Yes, I was that excited!

Included in the Young Living starter kit was:

  • The Desert Mist Diffuser
  • 10 Essential Oils
  • + Stress Away
  • Sample bottles/roll on top
  • Ningxia samples (delicious detox drink)
  • Thieves household cleaner sample
  • Tons of informative packets
  • Thieves household cleaner (concentrate, which I added on to my order)
  • Extra Lemon vitality (as a bonus for ordering Thieves)


Top row left to right (vitality): Lemon, Copaiba, Digize, Thieves, Peppermint                   Bottom row left to right: Panaway, Raven, Citrus Fresh, Frankincense, Lavender
All of this hidden glory was under the bottom portion of the box! (2) Ningxia samples, Thieves household cleaner sample, Stress Away, (bonus bottle) Lemon Vitality, roll-on top, sample bottles (to share with friends), and cards to send with those sample bottles!
There were some booklets on other products and the purpose for each oil.


Everything was so beautifully packaged, I felt like a friend sent me a care package!

So, first thing I set up my diffuser, which was really easy. Just add water to the reservoir and 8-10 drops of essential oil. Lavender was first on my list of things to try because which Mom of 3 little boys doesn’t need to relax, right?


And to my surprise, not only did the diffuser run much longer than expected, but something amazing happened that night. I usually struggle to get the kids to bed when my husband is at work. Sometimes I spend over an hour from the time they brush teeth to this Momma Bear finally sitting on the couch. Instead, after about an hour of enjoying the lavender mist, they walked right up to bed and each laid down without a fight.

I was shocked!

The next day, I knew I had to try something new to diffuse or I’d run out of lavender too soon. My oil friends had talked about the use of peppermint. So, I thought, let’s try that! In the early morning I added 8 drops of peppermint to the diffuser and it really started to perk me up. (Not like my morning coffee, but in a more subtle, longer-lasting way).

I’m still learning about all of the different uses and mixtures of the oils, but so far, stress-relief has been the biggest change in our home with the essential oils. Not to mention, I’ve needed less coffee and less naps.

So far I’ve had a lot of fun adding oils to a glass of water, spray bottles, and cocunut oil… etc. to try out. I’m also trying the frankinsense on my face to help with dark under eye circles and blemishes. So, hopefully will be glowing in the next week or so! (Thanks to the girls who shared that tip with me!)


For those of you who are learning with me, these are some basic perks of essential oils:

Diffuser (8-10 drops)

  • Naturally mood enhancing
  • Supports immune health
  • Non-toxic (candles actually can be toxic)

Vitality drops added to water (1-2 drops each glass/once daily):

  • Peppermint for refreshing pick-me up
  • Lemon to help restore the body’s PH levels/detox
  • Thieves for immunity


Balms/Roll-on mixes:

  • Lavender/coconut oil for relaxing
  • Stress Away (relieves headaches and stress)


Thieves household cleaner

  • Makes my house smell like a spa
  • It actually cleans, leaves a shine
  • It is versatile/great for frugal families
  • Is said to support immune system
  • Is safe for everyone from kids to pets



My favorite part of having essential oils in my home is knowing we won’t suffer from side effects because the oils replace harsh chemicals (and are just as effective).

The coolest part is essential oils go all the way back to Jesus’ time. It’s so neat to see old, traditional ways becoming trendy again. In an ever-changing world it is nice to go back to our roots.









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Hopping on the Essential Oil Bandwagon

Hopping on the Essential Oil Bandwagon
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Essential oils have really made a break into society. When they became really popular a few years ago, I wondered why. Here is my discovery.

Why Essential Oils?

After going to an oil party a few months ago (for Young Living), I fell in love! At the party, oil diffusers set the mood with relaxing lavender, lemon oil flavored the water (while detoxing), and the Thieves household cleaner actually works! I was given generous samples to try at home and absolutely loved the results!

With some previous knowledge of natural remedies, I knew I wanted to try some products with less side effects. Think about it, every medicine you take has possible side effects. Natural is just safe.

There are so many more benefits to using essential oils and I will share those with you along my personal journey.

I had never really thought about how many toxins are in my house, and how they may be affecting our overall health. But after that, I’m going to be much more mindful!


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


Going for it

So, I just wanted to share that I am finally hopping on the essential oil bandwagon. And I am so excited! This has been on the top of my wish list for months! Thanks to a friend who got me started ;-)!

When I hear mindful living, this is what I think of. Taking out all the extra. All the bad. And transitioning to bringing the right things into our home. I know it will be a slow process to making the switch, but I know that we will be living a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Not to mention, we could all use a little mood-enhancing diffuser, sending quiet steam puffs of relaxation, all throughout our homes! (By the way, I went to that party with all three of my kids, and left there relaxed, so that’s why I’m this excited!)

My package will be here any day now and I cannot wait to share with you how awesome all of the Young Living products are!


One of the samples I received from the oil party!

Did you know

They also carry natural products for:

  • kids
  • hygiene
  • makeup
  • detox
  • food
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • pets
  • more

Learn more about essential oils here!



For those of you who use them already, which is your favorite essential oil (and use)?